Kitchen collection


    Kvik’s X-Large cabinets are 80 cm tall and offer 15% more cabinet space than a Basiq kitchen. Depending on the worktop, this provides a good, ergonomically correct working height of 90-100 cm. In fact, combining X-Large with Kvik’s XX-Large drawers gives you 40% more drawer space than a Basiq kitchen. That’s smart organising! At Kvik, you will find a large selection of X-Large® top-quality Danish-designed kitchens at rock-bottom prices.
  • Tinta SociableKitchen®

    Attractive new Sociable Kitchen in the Tinta range by Kvik. The horizontal and vertical profiles give your kitchen a sharp look in a design that will stand the test of time. The scratch-resistant foil for the aluminium profiles is available in 10 different colours and you can easily change the foil yourself to vary the look of your Tinta kitchen. The examples shown are with black aluminium profiles, and a light laminate worktop. A kitchen with the perfect options for individual design.   

  • Mano Kitchen

    Kvik’s Mano kitchen is Danish design at its best. This kitchen exudes simplicity, form and function – here, with a solid wood worktop.The unique handle-free doors and drawers open from top or bottom. You can even fit two ovens into the tall cabinets. See also a smaller version of our Mano model.

  • Veda kitchen

    Merge your living room into your kitchen, and use shelf units to create a smoother transition of styling in the room. Our open shelf units are available in versions to match tall cabinets, base cabinets and island solutions. So you can create your very own personal style in your home.

  • Tinta grey kitchen

    We have supplemented our black and white Tinta doors with a lovely new shade of grey. Tinta is for people who appreciate the stringent look, with unique design details. The Tinta kitchen is characterised by vertical and horizontal lines to create a stylish, classic design. Kvik offers ten different colours for the profile mouldings, and we have recently added two new colours: a warm caffe latte and a cool concrete. It’s easy to change the profile mouldings yourself, so you can restyle the design of your kitchen – the good news is that you can always remove the foil colour and revert to the classic aluminium look. That way your kitchen always reflects your style and your personality.

  • Mano and Mano Sera

    Mix colours and materials to create your very own, unique kitchen. Here, white Mano fronts on the tall cabinet are mixed with the virtually black oak doors on the work island.

  • Milk kitchen

    Natural and white lend a light-and-airy look and feel to your kitchen. Inspired by the Nordic scenery, we combine white contemporary living with the warmth of natural surfaces in the compact Milk kitchen. We have added more personality to the kitchen with a tall shelf unit. This makes room for more visual styling, and a smoother transition between kitchen and living room.

  • Tinta Black Kitchen

    A brand-new way of creating contrasts in this black kitchen – with Tinta. The black kitchen can be seen here with Alu Brass colour profiles. A trendy kitchen for those who love kitchen living. The horizontal and vertical  stripes are available in 10 different colours, so you have plenty of scope for making your own mark on the kitchen. Click on the aluminium profile under the worktop for an overview of the different colours available.

  • Tinta Kitchen

    Tinta as the classic Sociable Kitchen, with room for everything. Create a simple, minimalist style with white profiles and a white laminate worktop.

  • Linea White kitchen

    Choose a very simple kitchen and create your own style with open shelf units and contrast with splashbacks. Kvik provides splashbacks in all worktop laminate colours so you can match the colour and texture to your laminate worktop. Fit shelves in your kitchen island for books and bowls, to add more personality to your kitchen. Note that the shelves are fixed in the unit, giving a more beautiful finish, without visible holes in the sides.

  • Tinta Kitchen

    A new look for your kitchen with blue profiles, contrasting beautifully with the classic white doors.Kvik’s Tinta doors are available in black or white, with scratch-resistant foil in ten different colours for the associated aluminium profiles, so you have plenty of scope for determining the style of your own kitchen.  Make the styling consistent throughout your home and get Tinta for your Bathroom.  

  • Ponte Kitchen

    Kvik’s Ponte door transports your kitchen back to a romantic country idyll. Ponte is a new approach to design and style which Kvik has chosen to call “The urban country style”. Smooth steel handles help to complete the look of the grey doors and related dark ash worktop. To achieve the urban look with Ponte, Kvik recommends stainless steel appliances. See also our Ponte doors for the bathroom.

  • Bianco Kitchen

    Mix styles with unconventional combinations to produce a kitchen that exudes personality.

  • Mano Kitchen

    Create contrasts in your kitchen. A dark worktop is an obvious choice for a white Mano kitchen, in this case beech black composite. Mano’s modular solutions let you customise a veritable food workshop, reminiscent of a professional kitchen. Exploit the many features used by chefs – e.g. more than one oven, perhaps including a steam oven, or boiling water on tap.The extra deep drawers mean more space on your worktop.

  • Mano Kitchen

    This Mano kitchen sports cool Nordic style, the rustic wooden worktop contrasting sharply with Mano’s long, horizontal lines. Danish Design for the home is the epitome of relaxed elegance, with nature taking pride of place. The result is a beautiful combination of simplicity, clean lines and organic materials. Celebrating elegant, Danish design. See also Mano as the classic Sociable Kitchen®.

  • Mano Sera X-Large Kitchen

    An elegant black Mano Sera kitchen – when quality throughout matters. With their classic styling, Mano Sera’s genuine wood doors last for years. Internal drawers optimise storage and let you see everything in the cabinet. Click the plus sign for a detailed view. A white worktop contrasts beautifully with the black kitchen. See also our Mano and Mano Sera kitchen. White and black doors, nicely combined.

  • Mano Kitchen

    A classic angled kitchen in the Mano range. High-gloss doors suggest more space by reflecting the light better. Complete the look with the Dark Mika laminate worktop. Note, too, the narrow pull-out cabinet, ideal for storing herbs and spices, bottles and tins. Beautiful Danish design for all.

  • Bright, inviting and, above all, well thought out. The white oiled solid oak worktop matches today’s demands for tactile surfaces and clean lines.

    Bevelled White Kitchen

    Bright, inviting and, above all, well thought out.

    The white oiled solid oak worktop matches today’s demands for tactile surfaces and clean lines.

  • Mirto Kitchen

    A lot of thinking has gone into the details. The white, framed doors draw a discreet rectangle, and are therefore supplemented with rectangular handles as a unifying touch.

  • Milk Utility Room

    Make the best use of space in your utility room with a focus on form and function. The untold scope for mixing and matching means the white doors and Dark Concrete worktop can be readily customised for your home.